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icMED is an ecosystem of modular software and hardware solutions focused on the close relationship between doctor and patient. We facilitate this relationship through functionalities made available to doctors and patients: Single Electronic Record, WEB architecture, mobile applications for doctor and patient for safe interactions, integration of medical equipment, being a system accessible from any platform (Windows, Android, iOS) and many other benefits.



icMED.Mobile is an application for communication of patients with the network of health service providers who are users of the icMED platform. The patient can see in real time the electronic prescriptions issued by the doctor, the patient can consult the result of laboratory analyses, can access the result of imaging investigations, ultrasounds, radiographs, including the download of associated images, where available.


Available functionalities

• Fast and intuitive access to the vital medical information accumulated in the Single Electronic File from the ecosystem of icMED IT solutions;
• Mobile application with free download and installation from Google Play and AppStore - icMED.Mobile;
• Direct interaction through the application at appointments and teleconsultations;
• Addition of information, documents and images that may prove essential in the diagnosis and treatment process;
• Secure receipt of medical documents resulting from a consultation, whether prescriptions or any other type of document;
• The perfect doctor-patient relationship tool with a high degree of data security.



All the benefits of icMED.Mobile can be explored by downloading and installing icMED.Mobile. Access is through username and password, which you must request from your doctor. For difficulties with installation / use, call our support center at your disposal at phone number 0256.256.256