Modular solutions for Family Doctors, Specialist Doctors, Permanent Care, Home Care.

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and hospitals

icMED designed and integrated for the specifics of Private or Public Clinics and Hospitals.

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solution designed and implemented for the specific needs of dental practices.

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icMED solution designed and integrated with the specific needs of Open Circuit Pharmacies.

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Our partners share a passion for correct and innovative medicine. Smart icMED solutions make the management of medical activity easier, help partners to confidently look to the future knowing that they are choosing the tools necessary for the sustainable and healthy development of their business.


Family Doctors


Medical Practices


Clinics and Hospitals


Dental Practices


The icMED Solution

icMED is the idea of a health system centered on the close relationship between doctor and patient, facilitating this relationship through the functionalities made available to doctors and patients: Single Electronic File, WEB architecture , mobile applications for doctor and patient for safe interactions, integration of medical equipment, being a system accessible from any platform (Windows, Android, iOS) and many other benefits.

The unique and centralized database of icMED is currently the largest medical database in Romania and is hosted by the most secure and efficient computing centers with the highest possible safety parameters: security, fire and disaster protection, independent of electricity, internet connectivity, backup in multiple locations, protection against cyber attacks. 100% web, implemented and operated by Syonic.

icMED Benefits

Data Security

A complete solution with superior security based on local solutions.

Cost Reduction

Infrastructure costs are reduced in the short and long term.

Low Operating Cost

Reduces the need for investments in consumables and licenses.

Increasing Revenue

Improving reporting quality, decreasing human error.

Reduced Staff

Instant and interconnected vector of information.


Fixed and predictable costs with automatic updates.


icMED Contact

The process of becoming a partner is designed to be honest, clear and intuitive. We need the structure of the office, clinic or hospital (number of outpatients, wards, pharmacy, laboratory, laboratory equipment) so that later we can, technically and commercially, overlay this structure on top of the icMED modules. Once the optimal structural solution is identified and partnership details agreed upon, the implementation team will move on to configuring the clinic structure in icMED. Later, remotely and on-site, we will help the staff (one-on-one) to switch smoothly to icMED and fully enjoy its benefits. The process is simple, it takes a few days in the case of an individual practice and between 2-3 weeks on average in the case of more elaborate structures, the process depends on the size of the medical unit such as a clinic or hospital.

For icMED the confidentiality of your data is very important, that is why we are committed to respect it by taking all the necessary measures. In the "Data Policy" section we describe what personal information we collect from you, for what purpose and on what legal basis, with whom it is shared and your rights., all information received will always remain confidential. For more details on the data policy of this website, access the GDPR.