I said other times that I could not live without this software. And even If copared it to another software [...], I worked on it when I replaced a colleague, I said it then and I say it now, I would not work with him even if I would have been offered it for free

I can not imagine my office without icMED !!!!! It saves time, nerves .. and more. In addition there is this forum that helps tremendously

The choice of choosing a software for the cabinet, in my opinion, should not be made only by virtue of the speed with which it connects to the internet, but you have to look and what other offers advantages

Please take into account that some other software (I know for sure about SIUI) have the ability to work offline and then they do not show malfunctions (the program is going, but validations are not on-line), and the surprises come afterward, at the validation time

I chose icMED, not regrets on this, because it saved me more than half of the work before submitting it to the cabinet with SIUI

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