Orăștie Municipal Hospital is in our opinion one of the best organized public hospitals and one of the customers that icMED is proud with. The history of Orăștie’s hospital medical begins with 1940 through the establishment of the State Hospital in the former Kun school building in the center of the town, where it functioned until 1986 In 1986 it was put into construction the new Municipal Hospitalof Orăștie, Pricazului Street no. 16, a building that is upgraded constantly. With a vast number of departments, clinical and laboratory, departments, outpatient, with more than 4,000 consultations per month recorded by icMED Orăștie Hospital Municipal is a true health care provider for Orastie, an expanding area, just like the hospital

Relationship with icMED is described as a relationship built and tailored so that the management of the hospital capacity is quite close to its maximum . In this moment Orăștie Municipal Hospital is using the following icMED modules – Hospital, Outpatient , Imagery , Laboratory, recovery, but we continue to increase the number of modules.


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