Innovative concept

Easily accessible and user friendly,

based on the interconnection of the doctors’ offices.


icMED software solution is designed to support the full administrative and medical workflow for the professionals in medicine, including doctors’offices, diagnostic centers, clinics, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies.


Accessible without investing in hardware. It only requires an internet connection.

What is icMED

Online Electronic Medical Framework that requires no installation, it is complete and easy to use

What icMED does

Interconnects DO's (doctors'offices), clinics, hospitals, labs, imaging centers, pharmacies, ER and, of course, patients.

WHAT icMED offers

Indicators of efficiency, performance, budget and health, based on centralized information, comprehensive, provided in real time.


• 100% web-based, developed in-house, implemented and operated by Syonic

• Online since 2007 with more than 30 available modules and 15000 unique users that manage more than 9.5 million patients, available in several languages.

• 70 million medical visits, 100 thousand visits daily , 40 million with diagnosis and drug prescription , over 100 million drugs prescribed , over 100.00 visits daily recorded

• Comprehensive medical informatics system based on a unique Electronic Health Record (EHR)

• With over 30 distinct software modules, covering the administrative and medical care workflow of both in private or state institutions


• icMED is the only medical software in Romania that does not require any installation, without hardware investment and a user-friendly interface , simple to implement, with a free Support Centre accessible daily, from 08 to 20, directly from the program, by mail or phone.

• You can work on icMED from any computer with internet connection (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) using a single user account. You can work on the same document with your medical assistant, and any changes made will be visible on both sides, in real time.

• icMED unique and centralized data base is currently the largest medical database in Romania and is hosted by the most secure and advanced computing centers at the highest possible safety parameters: security, fire protection and calamities, independent power, internet connectivity, multi-site backup, protection against cyber attacks . Certainly such a system, with that performance is a safer alternative to store data than a local database installed on a computer that can easily corrupted ba a viurs or be stolen (with the data), attacked by internet.

• icMED only involve fixed monthly subscription. You do notpay any license fee, no instalation fee, no additional charge for technical assistance. There are no mandatory contract period or termination fees. You can cancel anytime the contract with icMED, starting with next month.

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